St James's Mission Statement

processionThe Anglican church of St. James the Great is a faith community in the Catholic tradition which embraces all people in the name of Jesus Christ.
The parish community also includes the St. Kilda Steiner Kindergarten and St James’ House which provides a variety of services to people in East St. Kilda and beyond.

The St James' Community welcomes as friends and co-members, all who come here to share in the activities of the Liturgy and its congregation, the St Kilda Steiner Pre-School - its families and children, the extended community of the Blessing of Animals or any of the activities of St James' House. Together in all these ministries to one another, we offer care for body mind and spirit.

Liturgy, processions and singing - each in their own way spell out the mission of the Church. At the same time we must not forget that the warmth of our community life and our outreach through giving to mission and feeding the poor is but a part of the whole work of Christ's Church.

In a busy and sometimes harsh urban world, may you find peace in our church and in the sanctuary of our garden of trees.

You, your friends and your companion animals are always welcome here.