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The Right Reverend David Farrer 

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Oratory of the Good Shepherd

St Kilda Steiner Pre-School

Little Patch Early Learning Centre

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

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The Parish of S. Michel du Valle

Christ Church Lausanne, Switzerland

The Parish of St. Alban the Martyr, Auckland New Zealand



St James the Great & the Oratory of the Good Shepherd

ogscrossThis parish has had long associations with the life of religious communities, in particular with the Community of The Holy Name for some 70 years and the Oratory of the Good Shepherd for almost 20 years.

The former Vicar, Father Roger Kelly is at present the Prior of the Melbourne College of the Oratory. Inspired by his own religious life and experience of holy rule, he founded the Little Company of the Good Shepherd in 2006. The Little Company has in turn influenced other members to join with them in the life of the Oratory Companionate.

The Little Company and the Companions follow the Rule of the Professed Brothers of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd (OGS) within the particular demands of their lives in the everyday world.

With the professed brethren, Oratory Companions and Members of the Little Company are to attend Holy Communion as often as their lives’ permit, and to recite the Divine Office, with an hour of contemplative prayer and meditation each day.

The Holy Rule (expressed in the Seven Notes of the Oratory) upholds Fellowship, the Labour of the Mind, the Faithful Stewardship of Talents and Resources, the importance of Liberty and yet also of Discipline with all upheld in the Love thatmakes for Peace.




The St James' Community welcomes as friends, all who come here to share in the life of the Church, the Little Company, the St Kilda Steiner Pre-School and the proposed Child Care Centre to open early in 2016 as well as the Annual Blessing of Animals in October and those who gather with their companion animals at the crib at the Christmas morning Mass.   Together, we offer care for body mind and spirit. You, your friends and your companion animals are always welcome to share our life in Christ.

Hospitality is an important part of our outreach and community life. We would love to welcome you to the Liturgy or any of our community gatherings.








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